18 March 2010

About Marshall MG50DFX guitar amplifiers

Guitar Amplifiers

This guitar amplifierguitar amplifierss is delivering 50W RMS of Marshall power through its custom-designed 12 inch speaker, the twin channel MG50DFX delivers the goods both at home and onstage. Each foot switchable channel has its own set of tone controls for maximum flexibility. As well as producing great clean sounds from this guitar amplifiers, when you crank up the Clean channel's Gain control you get a raunchy, blues-tinged crunch. As you'd expect from a Marshall guitar amplifiers, the Overdrive channel has Gain to spare and also boasts the now legendary Valvestate style Contour control, which allows you to
"scoop out" or "fill in" the all important mids.

The specially voiced DFX section from this guitar amplifiers offers Chorus/Delay, Delay, Chorus and Flange effects, plus a natural sounding digital Reverb with its own individual Level control. Add to their revolutionary FDD, foot switchable channels, a Serial Effects loop and Speaker Emulated Headphones and Line Out, Line In for CD player and you can jam along with your favorite band which is unbeatable package for the price.

This guitar amplifiers suits any music style that I've tried it with so far. From the cleanest of tones to the heaviest, nastiest distortion, it can do it all. This guitar amplifiers clean channel has absolutely no background noise and the slight fuzz in the background of the distortion channel disappears once you start playing. The reverb sounds incredible, giving whatever you playing an awesome echo sound. When turned up past 6, the reverb makes it sound like you're playing in a stadium. Also, if you're looking for volume, you'll find it in this amp. Cranked up to about 3 or 4, this beast shakes the floor. Although, it can be quiet enough to practice alone. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's only 50 watts guitar amplifiers, it blows away some 100 watt Line 6 and sounds better too.

My music style is classic rock and blues. This guitar amplifiers covers all the styles. I first thought that Marshall guitar amplifiers was more mellow but this has certainly changed my opinion. The recommended setting not almost suit me but after about an hour of tweaking I found the right tone. First of all, the clean channel. I think this a great channel. You can really get a lot of tones from really dark to very bright. Some might find it dull but once you add in reverb it's magic. The chorus effect also works really well with this guitar amplifiers. The gain control isn't very effective to be honest. Even when I have it fully cranked it can't get my tone to break. The distortion of this guitar amplifiers channel is where the main magic lies. At lower gain setting and with the guitars volume turned down you can get a really sweet blues break up. Crank it about 4 and you’ve got a perfect rock & roll tone. At 7 you get a really brutal distortion. It's enough for me to play master of puppets through this guitar amplifiers. After that it gets really bizzare. It's good for tapping and stuff but you have to be careful since they slight touch to a string makes really loud sound. I think that it sounds best when the master volume is above 4 otherwise it very compressed.

I think, overall, this is a pretty perfect guitar amplifiers. It can suit any style at all it seems. Theres no complaints about it or any regrets in buying it.
Guitar Amplifiers

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