03 April 2010

Just Blaze Praises Eminem’s new Record.

Superstar producer, Just Blaze, has been active with DJing and producing, but the project he seems most eager about is producing Eminem’s new album, MTV News reports. Blaze has been working with Jay Electronica and Eminem as well as DJing at the hottest parties like the Winter Music Conference and at club Grand Central during the Fool’s Gold party in Miami, where he spun a two-hour set.

“I’m working on Eminem’s album still, so I’ve gotta hurry up and get back to Detroit,” Just said. He was fresh off the turntables at club Grand Central during the Fool’s Gold party in Miami, where he spun a two-hour house set. “I’ve been back and forth — Detroit, New York, Detroit, New York, Miami, back to Detroit — for like the past two and a half weeks. The album, it’s getting there, but we still got a lot of work. So I wish I could stay [in Miami] longer,” he said.

PEAVEY 6505 Guitar Amplifiers Head

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Peavey proudly introduces its 6505 Series guitar amplifiers, named in celebration of Peavey's first 40 years, 1965 to 2005. The 6505 guitar amplifiers is also the relaunch of the 5150 Series, the massively popular guitar amplifiers Peavey designed with Edward Van Halen. 6505 Series amps feature five 12AX7 preamp tubes and four 6L6GC power amp tubes, with presence and resonance controls and three-band EQ for taming their notorious tone. While known as the 5150, these amps became the undeniable go-to guitar amps for scores of rock, hardcore and metal bands due to their raw tone, relentless power and road-proven reliability.

DIGITECH Timebender Delay Guitar Effect Pedal.

Finally, have total control over your delay guitar effect pedal. Make it sound the way you want it to sound. Delays used to be one sound, analog or digital and then one fixed delay time. The TimeBender guitar effect pedal does just what the name implies  bends time. Featuring 10 delay types including Analog, Digital, Moving Head Tape, Fixed Head Tape, Dynamic (ducking delays), Reverse and Time Warp, the TimeBender guitar effect pedal goes where no delay has gone before. Further advancements include full-time tone control, modulation, multiplier, tap tempo and repeat ping-pong patterns on all delay types. For the first time you can get a Fixed Head Tape delay sound with tone rolled off, modulation and set to repeat in triplets.

02 April 2010

Korn Signs With Roadrunner, Album Due In June

Veteran hard rock act Korn has signed a worldwide recording deal with Roadrunner Records. The band's first release on the label will be its ninth studio set "Korn III -- Remember Who You Are," produced by Ross Robinson, who collaborated with the band on its first two albums. An exact street date is yet to be announced, although a spokesperson for the label says it's eyeing a June 2010 international release.

In 2005, Korn inked a widely reported two-album deal with EMI/Virgin, which netted the metal stalwart $25 million upfront from the major. As part of the deal, EMI acquired a 30% stake in Korn's overall business through to 2010. The new deal with

Rihanna's Hot 100 Reign Extends to Three Weeks; Train Arrives at New Peak.

Rihanna maintains her lead billing on the Billboard Hot 100 for a third week with "Rude Boy," the third single from her latest album "Rated R"."Rude" also moves to the No. 1 slot on the Radio Songs chart, her fourth leader on that list and first since she was featured on T.I.'s 2008/2009 chart-topper "Live Your Life.""Live Your Life" was also the last song to earn Airplay Gainer honors for six consecutive weeks, a streak "Rude" reaches this week as it improves by a healthy 25 million listener impressions.

Acoustasonic™ 30 DSP Guitar Amplifiers

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guitar amplifiersFender Acoustasonic series guitar amplifiers are the undisputed champions of the acoustic amp arena! The new Acoustasonic 30 DSP guitar amplifiers (an upgraded version of our top-selling Acoustasonic 30) is a portable, easy-to-use combo amp designed for natural-sounding reproduction of electric-acoustic guitar and vocals. Onboard DSP effects add extra versatility and excitement to an already-great formula. The 30-watt power guitar amplifiers drives an 8” foam-surround low-frequency driver and a high-frequency tweeter; the instrument and microphone channels each contain individual EQ controls, phase switches for feedback reduction, FX select and FX level. Our patented String Dynamics™ control tames harsh treble notes on the instrument channel, and the feedback notch control removes most feedback problems. Phantom power is supplied at the XLR mic input, and the professional XLR line output with level control and ground lift allows perfect direct input to any mixer. DSP effects include reverb, delay, chorus, vibratone and more, all optimized especially for acoustic performers.

The Acoustasonic 30 DSP guitar amplifiers is dressed in distinctive Brown/Wheat cosmetic treatment. Optional two-button footswitch allows FX on/off for each channel. This guitar amplifiers cost around $349.99 and has full manufacturer warranty.

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DIGITECH HARDWIRE SC-2 VALVE Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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The DigiTech SC-2 HardWire valve distortion guitar effect pedal captures the full spectrum from today to yesterday: from classic rock crunch to modern high-gain sounds, and all the flavors in between. Crunch/Saturated mode sguitar effect pedalwitch, level, gain and low and high tone controls allow you to use the SC-2 guitar effect pedal to further tailor your sound.

The DigiTech HardWire guitar effect pedal series represents DigiTech's commitment to quality and attention to subtle details. In addition to technical enhancements like true bypass and high voltage operation, all HardWire pedals feature rugged, all-metal construction, a wide, stage-stable footprint, durable, custom-machined metal knobs for a sure grip, and precision potentiometers that guarantee knob positions will stay intact.

The rugged, durable construction of Extreme Performance Guitar Effect Pedals is just the beginning. Inside each HardWire guitar effect pedal are technological features that serious players require — all updated and improved

Behringer GMX212 V-Tone Guitar Amplifiers Review

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As far as my ears could tell the sound of this brand guitar amplifiers just as good as it's competitor but cost considerably less. It had a few drawbacks but not any that I can't live with. Below is my review of the Behringer GMX212 V-Tone guitar amplifiers.

The Behringer GMX212 V-Tone guitar amplifiers pushes 60 Solid State watts per channel for a total of 120 watts total. The manufacturer's website describes the amp as featuring two 12" JENSEN / BUGERA speakers, however my amp (that I bought brand new with a full warranty) was set with genuine JENSEN speakers, NOT the "Jensen designed BUGERA" speakers. The Behringer GMX212 features it's very own V-TONE analog modeling combined with built in multi-effects and tuner. The Behringer GMX212 V-Tone guitar amplifiers offers two full-featured modeling channels that

28 March 2010

Mini tube Marshall guitar amplifiers

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If you've had your eye on a mini tube guitar amplifiers but want genuine Marshall tone and styling, your wait is over. Marshall’s new Haze Series guitar amplifiers are the latest addition to the compguitar amplifiersany’s low-watt legacy, but unlike Marshall’s current retro reissues, these guitar amplifiers are new designs that follow the upward trend of affordable mini tube amps that provide wonderful tones and flexible features. The Haze Series consists of the 15-watt MHZ15 Haze 15 head with matching MHZ112 1x12 angled and straight cabinets and the 40-watt MHZ40C 1x12 combo. Both models feature channel switching and built-in digital effects, and they’re loud enough to gig with, yet quiet enough for the studio or late night jamming. The Haze 15 with one or two MHZ112 cabinets is ideal for