02 April 2010

Behringer GMX212 V-Tone Guitar Amplifiers Review

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As far as my ears could tell the sound of this brand guitar amplifiers just as good as it's competitor but cost considerably less. It had a few drawbacks but not any that I can't live with. Below is my review of the Behringer GMX212 V-Tone guitar amplifiers.

The Behringer GMX212 V-Tone guitar amplifiers pushes 60 Solid State watts per channel for a total of 120 watts total. The manufacturer's website describes the amp as featuring two 12" JENSEN / BUGERA speakers, however my amp (that I bought brand new with a full warranty) was set with genuine JENSEN speakers, NOT the "Jensen designed BUGERA" speakers. The Behringer GMX212 features it's very own V-TONE analog modeling combined with built in multi-effects and tuner. The Behringer GMX212 V-Tone guitar amplifiers offers two full-featured modeling channels that
emulate 3 classic guitar amps, 3 speaker simulation models plus 3 gain modes and all of these are individually selectable. A very flexible effects section allows self-determining effects settings on each channel, while Behringer's patented DYNAMIZER circuitry captures every bit of expression of your playing and adds a tube-like compression to your tone.

The Behringer GMX212 V-Tone guitar amplifiers has a 24-bit stereo multi-effects processor with effects such as flanging, chorus, phasing, , auto-wah, echo, delay , rotary speaker, compressor and you can use these effects in combinations. The Behringer GMX212 V-Tone guitar amplifiers offers 99 user presets and is fully MIDI controllable. The Behringer GMX212 offers a direct out with speaker simulations as well as a speaker jack for adding an additional speaker cabinet. The Behringer GMX212 guitar amplifiers includes a foot-switch that allows you to switch channel and operate the built in guitar tuner.

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