29 April 2010

Perfect guitar amplifiers to purchase

Choosing the perfect guitar amplifiers to purchase is dependent on many different details. You cannot choose the right amplifier on somebody's word, or by how many watts the amplifiers can push out. You must choose by factoring in the guitar or guitars you are playing off, the style that you play and if there is any built-in effects that you desire. Buying the expensive guitar amplifiers just because of the name of the brand is probably a big mistake for most people.

27 April 2010

The LX-112 V-Ampire Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar Amplifiers -
This tone monster boasts all of the 32 classic guitar amplifiers, 15 legendary speaker cabinets and 16 studio-quality effects models of the V-AMP Pro -- plus a 100 Watts amp (2 x 50 Watt stereo with an external speaker) driving a vintage Jensen 12 in. speaker. The V-AMPIRE guitar amplifiers is the ultimate modeling guitar amplifiers, featuring Interactive Amp Modeling, Behringer’s exclusive auto wah and rotary effects plus DI output with Ultra-G cabinet simulation designed by Juergen Rath. With 125 memory locations for storing your presets and a dual-footswitch, you have a truly gig-ready package guitar amplifiers! Get even more presets developed by today’s hottest players and other ToneHeads like you from the ToneLibrary!

26 April 2010

Orange Rockerverb 50W Head Guitar Amplifiers

I came across this nice looking guitar amps while surveying in music stores. The thing that catching my eyes is the colour. Yes, the bright orange which is one of my favorite colour . Well, this guitar amplifiers is all valve, 50 watt, channel switching head with valve FX loop and valve driven reverb. Its utilize a two stage clean channel and a four stage dirty sound. The clean channel on this guitar amplifiers is one of the smoothest and cleanest ever produced and produces a unique power valve overdrive when pushed to the max. The bass and treble controls are interactive with each other thus giving a wide range of superb tones from a channel with only three controls.

25 April 2010

Your choice of guitar amplifiers tone setting

guitar amplifiersGuitar amplifiers tone setting - Here, I want to share with you some of the sound setting for your guitar amplifiers. This setting sound great on Marshall guitar amplifiers. Ok, if you want the thick and chunky sound, try this out. On your guitar amplifiers, set the Bass-6, Mids-8, Treble-4, Presence-2, Gain-6 and the Master-6. Use the Lead channel and make sure the deep and tone shift off. This sound is loud. If the sound get a bit murky, throw something else in the phase inverter.

If you like playing metal, try this punchy metal sound setting. On your guitar amplifiers, set the Gain-10, Contour-10, Treble-6 or 8, Mid-3 and Bass-5. Use Gain channel 2. This sound is great for playing metal when the guitar amplifiers is up loud, it stays tight and punchy. You really need humbuckers on your guitar to produces this sound.

Introducing the 1960 Les Paul Custom ‘Black Beauty’

Gibson Custom has announced the availability of the 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom 'Black Beauty'. Way more than just a looker, though, the 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom is also armed to the teeth for tonal splendor. When Les Paul and Gibson president Ted McCarty conceived of the Les Paul Custom model in the early ’50s, it was as a top-of-the-range partner to the Goldtop, and later sunburst, Les Paul Standard, with upgraded appointments and an Ebony finish to match the “black-tie” dress at the kinds of functions where it would be right at home.

China made Dream Cymbals for drummers

Dream Cymbals entered the global cymbal market in 2005, as a Canadian operation selling handmade cymbals from China. Chinese cymbal smiths have been creating forged percussion instruments for millennia and Dream cymbals represent the pinnacle of Chinese b20 bronze working. The brand may be relatively new, but its factory in China’s Wuhan region has produced world-class gongs for generations.