26 April 2010

Orange Rockerverb 50W Head Guitar Amplifiers

I came across this nice looking guitar amps while surveying in music stores. The thing that catching my eyes is the colour. Yes, the bright orange which is one of my favorite colour . Well, this guitar amplifiers is all valve, 50 watt, channel switching head with valve FX loop and valve driven reverb. Its utilize a two stage clean channel and a four stage dirty sound. The clean channel on this guitar amplifiers is one of the smoothest and cleanest ever produced and produces a unique power valve overdrive when pushed to the max. The bass and treble controls are interactive with each other thus giving a wide range of superb tones from a channel with only three controls.

The dirty channel is liquid fire! This four stage gain machine can produce anything from an articulate clean chime, through all the classic rhythm / crunch sounds with original Orange character; all the way up until you reach a gain level that is quite simply outrageous. The quartet of 6V6 output valves and a new exclusive F8 output transformer design, help give the Rockerverb 50 guitar amplifiers uncompromising tone. Although more expensive to produce, the sound is so special I believe it excels way above the specification of current high-end valve amps. And the prices…$2099.00 pheww.. I might sell my behringer gmx212 and buy this one some other day..

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