29 April 2010

Perfect guitar amplifiers to purchase

Choosing the perfect guitar amplifiers to purchase is dependent on many different details. You cannot choose the right amplifier on somebody's word, or by how many watts the amplifiers can push out. You must choose by factoring in the guitar or guitars you are playing off, the style that you play and if there is any built-in effects that you desire. Buying the expensive guitar amplifiers just because of the name of the brand is probably a big mistake for most people.

There is no reason why anyone has to spend thousands of dollars to obtain the sound they want. If you happen to be looking for a loud amp and anything less than four speakers isn't an option, than it is assumed you are going to spend a large sum of money. Purchasing a solid-state amp would always be the cheapest route. A solid-state amp is fully electronic and usually doesn't have the tone the musicians require for playing live. Some musicians actually prefer to use a solid-state type amps because it works for the style of music they play and the amps are usually more durable than an all-tube amplifier that costs much more money.

When you are looking for a certain tone, you have to consider that an all-tube amplifier will most likely produce a warmer tone with more sustain. This is why musicians dish out thousands of dollars for an amp when there are amps out that cost a couple hundred. Another option is to buy a hybrid amplifier, which is solid state with a tube pre-amp. Using a hybrid is more costly than a standard solid-state but generally less costly than an all-tube amps.

Features on the amplifiers are a major factor for the consumer of course. Deciding how many channels you need, the quantity of control knobs, built-in effects and the wattage are all important when considering the right amp for you. Some amps have a headphone jack to play through headphones, but if you don't care about that feature than you have more of a variety to choose from. The quantity of power an amp can dish out isn't as important as one might think. Using a 50-watt amps head is enough to push any standard 4-speaker cabinet at loud volumes. Some people are more concerned with the clean sound that the amp produces and do not care about the how the amp sounds when distortion is increased. Using only the channel on a guitar amplifiers will make it easier to decide which is the right amp for you. Effects may not be an issues with many people; they may just want to play straight out of the amp with its natural sound. Nevertheless, many of those same people wouldn't mind having a reverb control. The reverb is the most commonly seen effect built into the amplifier, which controls the quantity of echo in the sound.

Instead of spending all your money on a amp because of the name, you should test out all the available options out there today. Maybe the most expensive amp is for you after all, but at least you know for sure that you didn't make a mistake. New companies that manufacture guitar amplifiers would be an excellent choice to test out. New companies will most likely give you a better price for a high quality product because they are trying to distinguish themselves. So before you go out and pay for a name, go out and test the "no-names."

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