27 April 2010

The LX-112 V-Ampire Guitar Amplifiers

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This tone monster boasts all of the 32 classic guitar amplifiers, 15 legendary speaker cabinets and 16 studio-quality effects models of the V-AMP Pro -- plus a 100 Watts amp (2 x 50 Watt stereo with an external speaker) driving a vintage Jensen 12 in. speaker. The V-AMPIRE guitar amplifiers is the ultimate modeling guitar amplifiers, featuring Interactive Amp Modeling, Behringer’s exclusive auto wah and rotary effects plus DI output with Ultra-G cabinet simulation designed by Juergen Rath. With 125 memory locations for storing your presets and a dual-footswitch, you have a truly gig-ready package guitar amplifiers! Get even more presets developed by today’s hottest players and other ToneHeads like you from the ToneLibrary!

The LX-112 V-AMPIRE guitar amplifiers sound good with some tweaking. You can generally roll the mids off of all the presets and bump the bass as a starting point. The distortions are many and varied. You can go from a little bluesy growl, to an all out metal crunch with the various amp and cabinet models. The distortions do sound better with a cabinet attached to get that deep thumping hardcore feel if that’s what you’re looking for.

Actually this guitar amplifiers sound very good by itself, and then with a cabinet attached it sounds very, very good. Because of the fact that it is stereo guitar amplifiers with a cabinet attached, you get a totally different picture than without. The choruses and delays sound fuller and more rich. The distortions seem more spacious and have a bit more tube like tone to them.

So the Behringer guitar amps will basically sound however you want to tweak it to sound. There is some warmth for a digital amp…more than a lot of the competition seems to have. If it had a tube in the design like a Vox it might be even warmer, but that would probably raise the price. It’s nice and convenient and sounds however you want it to, wherever you want it to, whenever you want it to. The option of adding a cabinet for bigger sound is nice, and the LX-112 guitar amplifiers has the power to push it.

It’s not a tube driven guitar amplifiers, but it’s close enough in sound and playability, and it comes with all the other features that help the owner to just enjoy the freedom of playing without a gaggle of external pedals to lug around. At 47.5 lbs. it may be too heavy for some, but if you are used to lugging a big tube combo around then the weight will be familiar and maybe even a few lbs. lighter.

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