25 April 2010

Your choice of guitar amplifiers tone setting

guitar amplifiersGuitar amplifiers tone setting - Here, I want to share with you some of the sound setting for your guitar amplifiers. This setting sound great on Marshall guitar amplifiers. Ok, if you want the thick and chunky sound, try this out. On your guitar amplifiers, set the Bass-6, Mids-8, Treble-4, Presence-2, Gain-6 and the Master-6. Use the Lead channel and make sure the deep and tone shift off. This sound is loud. If the sound get a bit murky, throw something else in the phase inverter.

If you like playing metal, try this punchy metal sound setting. On your guitar amplifiers, set the Gain-10, Contour-10, Treble-6 or 8, Mid-3 and Bass-5. Use Gain channel 2. This sound is great for playing metal when the guitar amplifiers is up loud, it stays tight and punchy. You really need humbuckers on your guitar to produces this sound.

Ok, if you are really mad, try out this trash metal sound. Use guitar with humbuckers. On your guitar amplifiers, use hi gain channel. Set the Vol-5, Gain-10, Contour-10, Bass-4 to 10, Mid-7 and Treble10. Mix sound with small amount of reverb depend on your desire.

Lastly, of course your guitar amplifiers must be 30-watts and above and play until your ears bleed…
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